Chopping Boards

These hand made chopping boards featured in a recent photo shoot for Oriel Myrddin Gallery in Carmarthen.  Lovely to see them alongside work from fantastic potters, Silvia K Ceramics, James Burnett-Stuart and Peter Bodenham!


Coffee Bench

7452A7BD-C752-4359-BE77-1E4773D7BF9CI’ve just delivered another hand carved Ash wood bench to Oriel Myrddin Gallery in Carmarthen for their annual Makers Market exhibition – open until 30 December. A seat to accommodate you and your coffee cup!

Long and curlies.

Using a drawknife askew on this elm creates long springy thick shavings.  I’m making the legs for a carved oak bench, similar to a previous version I made earlier in the year.


Shown with Ashley Iles London pattern gouge and a finer (and smaller) drawknife than above, forged by James Howarth.  Two lovely tools, very old and very new.carved oak bench elm legs.JPG

Library Stool Commission

stool table 1

This new commission has replaced the damaged seat of a salvaged library stool with a beautiful piece of west Wales ash wood to create a multi purpose piece of furniture for a personal library.

The customer wanted the piece to be able to be used as a small table, a stool or an occasional step to reach the higher shelves. This simple solution really highlights the beauty of the wood grain and will slowly gather the rich patina of use in its new home.